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Babies, sleep and red light

Now when you bring your beautiful new baby home from the hospital, you may decide to have a completely pitch black room, that’s totally up to you. It’s a good idea, however, to introduce a red night light soon after bubs turns 4 months. At this age, they can start to develop a fear of the dark when they wake in the night.

A red night light won’t interfere with their circadian rhythm and melatonin production and they will see it as a calming, soothing, familiar environment. The added bonus is, it will make those night time feeds and nappy changes a little easier.

So, the bottom line is, having a night light is perfect for night time feeds and to help scare away the monsters that sometimes raise their pesky little heads in the night, but make sure you chose one that has the option of a red light, so that bubs can get to sleep and sleep well.

After all, no one enjoys the morning after a disturbed night!